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Intellihot Prognostics and Predictive Maintenance has a new look! See what's new.

Proactively Monitor Units via Text Alerts

telliCare is a IOT enabled, prognostics and predictive maintenance service for Intellihot’s Gen II
tankless water heaters. This service allows your Intellihot water heaters to be monitored remotely by the factory and sends up to three designated persons text or email alerts when problems arise. 

As part of your telliCare plan, you get the following benefits:

BTUs, Firing Rate, and Flue Gases – We monitor the BTUs generated by your water heaters on a
daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

Temperature Monitoring – We monitor the inlet/outlet temperatures of the water being heated.

Flow Rates – We monitor your flow rates on an hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

Longevity of parts – We monitor the longevity of the parts in your units and based on their
remaining life, we predict when replacement parts will be needed.

What is changing?

• The current version of the telliCare Mobile App from the App Store will be discontinued beginning in July.
• All new units beginning August 1st come with one year free telliCare service.
• Current customers with equipment older than two years, will be send a notice of cancellation and process to re-enroll and make payment by August 1 to continue service.
• Current customers with equipment newer than 2 years for iQ floor, 1 Year for Neurons, will continue to have telliCare service on the new text alert platform until the date of expiration.
• Current Service Disrupted for July 2024, resuming August 2024.
• telliCare payments can be made on our website:
      $579 | 1 year per unit or $1,058 | 2 year per unit connectivity contract for Wall, Neuron and iE1 models
      $828 I 1 year per unit or $1,578 | 2 year per unit connectivity contract for iQ Floor models
• Neurons & Electrons come pre equipped for service, iQ floor & Wall units require additional equipment (hotspot) included in annual fee and shipped to
contractor upon receiving a registration form during start-up.
• If unit registration is done at the time of start up, contractor receives 1 year labor warranty.
• telliCare 2.0 includes 24/7 monitoring, text and/or email alerts, monthly data reports, and improved technical support assistance.
• Only high priority “NO HOT WATER” text alerts will be sent after hours.

Can I login to my telliCare app?

No starting July 1, 2024 the app will be sunset communication sent to active users

What happens if my unit is currently connected?

They will continue to be connected based on expiry and renewal of subscription.

Do I still get monthly reports?

Yes Starting Sept 1, 2024 we will resume, disruption in July report

What if there is no cell signal in my building?

If you are unable to connect, telliCare service & 12 month labor warranty is not applicable.

What benefits do I get for the connectivity?

24/7 factory monitoring, 12 month labor warranty, timely notifications for service alerts and faults, improved technical support experience and monthly reports on usage data.

What happens to units in stock purchased 12 months ago?

New IoT kit needs to be ordered to get connected. Contact to order.

What happens after the one year free subscription expires, how do I renew?

A reminder email to be sent with payment information to renew. Or revisit this webpage and enter payment information below.

What if I don't want to renew?

The services will stop ( no new notifications or alerts or reports will be sent)

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