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Senior Living

Intellihot Products offer health & safety

Senior living facilities need reliability.

A dependable water heater is critical for long-term care facilities. Even brief outages can be damaging for patients and staff members. On top of this, the system needs to prevent dangerous Legionella growth.
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) consider it essential that nursing homes have a water management program that is effective in limiting Legionella from growing and spreading in their facility.

Why Senior Living Facilities Choose Intellihot

Legionella Resource Center

Many buildings were closed for long periods of time due to COVID lockdowns, and now as they begin to re-open, we’re seeing a spike in cases of Legionnaires’ Disease across the country. In hospitals and nursing homes especially, where germs spread with ease and patients are vulnerable to infection—Legionnaires’ Disease can present a significant danger.


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