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Intellihot Contractors offer high-tech solutions to hot water issues and are leading the charge toward a cleaner, cheaper, safer, and more reliable future. By combining AI with leading-edge technology, Intellihot and it’s IntelliPRO Contractors are prepared to revolutionize the Plumbing/HVAC industry.
Intellihot systems are easy to install, easy to use, and easy to love. They fit seamlessly into your customer’s existing building infrastructures and scale up to any capacity.

We are looking for qualified Intellihot contractors who:

Respond to customer concerns within 24hrs
Provide a high-level customer service experience
Keep license(s) and insurance up to date

Have a professional appearance

IntelliPRO Benefits

Qualified Website leads.
Quick & Easy Invoice Payments.

Your Work Will be Showcased on Case Studies, Social Media,
and Website Posts.

On-Going Contractor Training Available.
Intellihot Vehicle Magnet.
Easy Access to 24/7 Support.

Find Your Nearest IntelliPro

Our IntelliPRO's will be supported by high-quality products and customer support from Intellihot!

Product Support

As we all know, when a customer has a problem or a question, it’s essential to provide them with an answer quickly and efficiently. This is where product support comes into play. Intellihot provides a 24-hour support line at 1-866-692-6791. You can also contact product support by email at

Start Up Forms

Easily access our start up forms & instructions. Available as an excel download or digital submission.  

TelliSize App

telliSize is an app specially designed for contractors and service providers to provide quick size and quotations for water heater-related requirements of your client’s projects. This app is designed to revolutionize the idea of selecting the right water heater for home or industrial use. By entering simple measurements and the number of units in your target site, you can get the exact water heater requirements within minutes. Sizing results include an email with detailed schematics.

Technical Downloads

Manuals, troubleshooting guides, submittals, and more are all available to you right from your phone. View our downloads here.


We offer several calculators to help make your job easier and we guarantee the results. Check out our calculator page here

See Our Troubleshooting Library