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4 Smart Water Heater Features That Actually Matter

You must have come across “smart” water heaters in your attempt to select the best product. Usually costing more than traditional water heaters, smart water heaters promise incredible value by using the latest technologies. So, which of these smart water heater features actually matter? Below are the top 4 smart features that you should be most concerned with:

Smart Technology is the incorporation of telecommunications and computing into other technologies.

Factor #1

Smart Water Heater Temperature Control

Smart water heater temperature control

A perfectly hot shower feels great. Apart from adjusting the shower knob, the perfectly hot shower also depends on the outlet temperature that you set for your water heater at. Your water heater’s set temperature also impacts your utility bill and other factors. However, water heating is not a perfect science. Several smart water heaters use additional technology to ensure that water exiting the unit is the closest to the outlet temperature set by you.

For example: Intellihot’s commercial tankless water heaters check outlet water temperature 20 times in one second and include the necessary controls required to correct any changes.  

Factor #2

Smart Water Heater Operational Modes

Smart Water Heater Operational Modes

Everyone uses hot water differently. Maybe you are a morning person who likes to take a hot shower at 6 am every day. Alternatively, your neighbor might prefer taking a shower in the evening. Some smart water heating products feature technology that can learn usage patterns and adapt accordingly for better performance, and higher savings.

Good to know: If you purchase a tankless water heater, smart operational modes are usually less valuable features since tankless water heaters only turn on when you open a hot water fixture in your house. Traditional boilers, on the other hand, use energy even when you don’t need hot water. Smart operational modes can help reduce such wasted energy and costs.

Factor #3

Smart Water Heater Safety Alerts

Smart Water Heater Safety Alerts

Water heaters heat water. Gas water heaters burn fuel. Electric water heaters heat a resistance coil to very high temperatures. Water heating can pose safety risks like fires, and backflow of toxic exhaust gases into your home without adequate precaution. Some smart water heaters use smart technology to alert users if the unit is susceptible to a safety hazard. This could happen, for example, if the unit was not installed properly, or if one of its essential parts was damaged. Smart safety alerts can be an integral safety feature to consider.

Factor #4

Smart Water Heater Life Tracking

Smart Water Heaters Life Tracking

We use water heaters every day. It can be frustrating to not have hot water if your existing water heater stops working and needs to be replaced. Some smart water heaters use smart technology to predict their remaining life, alerting users if they need to be fixed or replaced soon. This feature can help you plan maintenance in advance and avoid having to live without hot water till you fix/replace your water heater.

Smart Commercial Water Heaters | Smart Technology for Big Properties

Intellihot manufactures and sells innovative commercial-grade water heaters for large properties like the Loew’s Miami Beach Hotel and Levi’s Stadium, California. Our innovative technology is a result of groundbreaking innovations which have resulted in over 100 patents. The usage of smart technology differs for commercial applications since commercial properties have different objectives than residential consumers.

Here are some of the smart features that we have incorporated in our commercial tankless water heaters:

  • Dynamic Response Technology for Smart Temperature Control: Our patented dynamic response technology checks outlet water temperature 20 times in one second to ensure hot water at the perfect temperature.
  • Smart Life Tracking and Safety Alerts via telliCare: Our remote monitoring app lets users see exactly how much life is remaining on our replaceable spare parts so that maintenance breaks for replacement can be made in advance. telliCare also sends push notifications if it diagnoses any potential safety risks with the unit for preventive care.   
  • Smart Low Loss Header Design to Mitigate Pressure Drop: Intellihot has a patented low-loss header design that ensures that water exiting the units does not suffer from pressure drop. Watch this video to learn how our technology works:

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