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Intellihot, Inc. Releases 2023 Environmental Impact Report

Chicago, IL., March 6, 2023

Chicago-based water heater manufacturer, Intellihot Inc. released its 2023 Environmental Impact Report, highlighting the progress it has made towards its mission of a zero-waste future.  The report marks the second of its kind in two years, indicating the firm’s unwavering commitment in disrupting the built environment in favor of a sustainable planet.

Right from its inception, Intellihot’s raison d’etre has been the innovation and consistent improvement of tankless water heating technology in order to speed up its commercial adoption and remedy the energy wastage caused by traditional boiler systems. “I founded Intellihot with the sole intention of assisting businesses phase out tank-style water heaters by ensuring that our products can surpass the efficiency and cost-savings of such outdated systems and provide further incentives to adopt tankless technology which has proven to be significantly safer, healthier, and less wasteful,” said founder and CEO, Sridhar Deivasigamani.

Key Takeaways:

The report highlights a staggering 8.472 billion lbs. of CO2 emissions eliminated by Intellihot products and services. It also breaks down what that number is equivalent to with various other metrics. Additionally, due to Intellihot’s future-oriented approach, the report mentions several steps that the innovative manufacturer aims to take in order to grow this number by 50% next year. For instance, with the launch of the Electron series: the world’s first tankless heat pump water heater, Intellihot eyes a serious push towards electrification, reducing the built environment’s dependence on fossil fuels.
Apart from relaying the above-stated information, the report also emphasizes Intellihot’s mission, values and how its organizational structure helps it achieve incremental growth towards a zero-waste future. With the implementation of organizational concepts like the “Internal Ecosystem of Sustainability,” Intellihot aims to inculcate a culture of mindfulness towards energy usage in its employees, stakeholders and consumers. With “Endless Progress” as the company’s mantra, Intellihot is already working towards achieving (and surpassing) its target of 50% higher carbon emissions savings and looks forward to reporting the same next year.

About Intellihot

Intellihot is an innovative designer/manufacturer of built-environment systems that challenge legacy approaches for sustainability. Under the leadership of founder and CEO Sridhar (Sri) Deivasigamani, today Intellihot offers a range of tankless water heaters designed and built for commercial applications with a focus on sustainability, cost savings, and water quality safety. Winner of an Edison Award for Best New Product in 2022, Intellihot serves the hospitality, restaurant, multi-family housing, senior living, commercial facility and plumbing industries. Intellihot has operations in suburban Chicago, Galesburg, Ill. and distributors across North America. Learn more at or by following the company on Twitter and LinkedIn.


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