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MKE Lofts, Milwaukee, WI

Historic Lofts in Downtown Milwaukee Gets Modern Face-Lift and Goes Green

Milwaukee’s vision for an eco-friendly community has crowned it one of the highest rated Midwestern cities for green initiatives. Intellihot’s energy saving water heaters were a perfect fit for a building like MKE Lofts because they eliminate the need for inefficient storage systems, and make this historic property’s “green dream” a reality.



Multi-Family / New Construction

Installed Capacity

1,250,000 BTU/hr

Property Details

9 floors 105 lofts


Cornerstone Mechanical Sales
Contractor – Alpine Plumbing

Product Installed

Five i250s

Built in 1908, the Caswell building has been an iconic, corner structure in Milwaukee’s nostalgic downtown for over a century. Originally constructed to house a department store, the apartment units feature plenty of large, floor-to-ceiling windows that offer sweeping views of downtown and the Milwaukee River. Retaining the property’s stunning original details while upgrading the water heating system with Intellihot’s energy efficient system, Cornerstone Mechanical Sales and Alpine Plumbing helped MKE Lofts to enter the 21st century in an unparalleled, sustainable fashion.

The Challenge

The developers of this historical building were completely rehabbing it to convert it into contemporary and modern lofts. The traditional tank-type heaters were falling short of the green objectives that Milwaukee advocates as a city. In a push for sustainability, MKE Lofts’ owners were seeking water heating equipment that aligned with the city’s energy-efficiency values.
MKE Install

The Intellihot Solution

Five Intellihot i250s were cascaded together for fully condensing, on-demand water heating. Eliminating storage meant that more energy was conserved while providing uninterrupted hot water to the tenants. With an industry best 93% real-world efficiency, the equipment exceeds expectations for environmentally friendly buildings.

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