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Intellihot's Sizing Guarantee

Intellihot’s guarantee-backed sizing is not only based upon ASPE, ASHRAE, and other applicable standards but also takes into account our proprietary real-world measurements of water usage. This is accomplished via our live database which is continuously updated with measurements and analysis from a variety of applications and regions. Intellihot is confident that your project will be sized correctly by us, if not, we will supply for any additional Intellihot equipment needed at no charge.

Intellihot water heaters must meet the following requirements for eligibility:
• Registered for warranty
• Proper preventative maintenance according to our installation and operation manual
• All heat exchangers must be in operation (no faults/alarms)
• Plumbing system must be set-up according to our recommended piping diagram
• Water heater selection based on Intellihot sizing report
• Fixture temperatures entered were accurate and follow all local codes
• All information provided is accurate and consistent with the project details

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