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D.C. District Public School Installs the First Electron. More School Installations Planned.

DC School Electron Team
DC School Electron Team
From Top To Bottom | D.C. School Team (Left): Romel Kellman, Kevien Briscoe, Kevien Chew | Intellihot Team (Right): Craig Harris, John Herrick, Venkatesan Ayyalu

D.C. District Embraces Electrification with the World's First Tankless Heat Pump Water Heater.

A district in D.C. is embracing electrification. They have chosen Intellihot’s Electron, the world’s first tankless heat pump water heater, to replace the gas-fired units in multiple public schools. The Electron was installed recently in the first school of the district project, with more installations planned.

Installation Details:

A gas-fired, tank-type water heater was replaced with 1 Intellihot Electron iE1 Max. Intellihot’s team assisted the D.C. team for this project. This is how the project went: 

  1. The property was sized using Intellihot’s 6-dimensional heat pump sizing tool. 
  2. Intellihot’s applications team worked with the D.C. team’s engineers to ensure a robust and efficient design. 
  3. Intellihot’s engineering team visited the job site during the installation for assistance.  

Installation Photos:

Why Was the Electron Chosen?

The D.C. district sought a reliable yet uncomplicated way to electrify water heating in its public schools. Being the world’s first tankless heat pump water heater, the Electron proved to be the only viable choice for the following reasons: 

  • It is guaranteed to meet all the hot water demands of the public school without relying on costly oversizing and giant storage tanks. 
  • Its integrated design saves space, makes installation and transportation easy, and reduces maintenance headaches. 
  • With a COP of 4.9, the Electron will use far lesser energy, resulting in lower energy bills. 
  • The Electron’s versatile offerings makes it suitable for any electrical infrastructure across the district’s many school properties. 
  • The lack of storage tanks ensures Legionella-proof hot water for the school kids. 

What's Next?

The project continues. The D.C. team is working hard to electrify the remaining schools in the district, with more Electron installations to follow. Intellihot’s team is ready to assist in any manner possible. 

The project marks one of many crucial advances towards an all-electric American built environment.