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We guarantee it! These are all the major tankless guarantees we promise:

Nothing in life is guaranteed. Unless it is backed by science and confidently engineered innovations. Like our commercial tankless water heaters.

We provide multiple guarantees and warranties for our innovations. Here are 3 of our most sought-after ones: 

Online Sizing Guarantee

The promise: if our water heater sizing calculator’s recommendations do not match your hot water demand, we pay for any additional equipment charges.

Every contractor and engineer that works in the commercial water heating space knows that sizing a water heating system never follows a one-size-fits-all approach.

Incoming water temperature varies by district.

The water heating needs of two properties, regardless of their similarities, are never identical.

A restaurant might want to amplify its gas savings. A hotel might want more reliable performance. Another hotel might want to balance redundancy with cost savings.

This sounded like a statistical problem to our team. We used our vast repository of data about commercial properties’ hot water usage to build an online sizing tool that provides three recommendations for varying needs instantly. The tool here has never been wrong (because we tested it meticulously). That is why we can guarantee its results.

Heat Exchanger Warranty

The promise: Our stainless steel heat exchangers have industry-leading warranties of up to 10 years so you can enjoy Endless Hot Water for years without worrying about sudden failures.

Our heat exchangers are the core heating components for all of our units. We simply refer to them as HEXs. These stainless-steel components are specially-designed to contract, expand, and vibrate as needed – an innovation that allows them to resist scale formation. Depending on the unit you install, you can expect the most generous warranty in the industry for our heat exchangers. Here’s how they work: 

Drop-In Tankless Guarantee

The promise: If our Neuron series of drop-in tankless water heaters cannot replace a comparable tank-style unit, we pay for any additional equipment charges.

Tankless units are different, not difficult. Yet, we empathize with experienced contractors who prefer the easy and familiar startup of traditional boilers. Boilers, however, will waste considerable amounts of energy, be susceptible to Legionella contamination, and are unfeasible for a sustainable future. This is why we innovated our Neuron series of drop-in tankless water heaters.

The Neuron series units are tankless – they provide those high levels of on-demand efficiency that tankless units are known for. Yet, they feature the same connections as traditional boilers. So, installing them feels as familiarly efficient as their on-demand performance.

Moreover, they can swap out comparable boilers for a quick retrofit that does not need the traditional sizing approach. Simply select your existing boiler here, and find a guaranteed replacement.

If the suggested Neuron replacement fails to meet your existing hot water demand, we pay for any additional equipment charges needed to get your hot water system back in business.

Download Our Commercial Tankless Buyer's Guide.

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"We are very happy with our Intellihot hot water system. Over the past six months, the hotel has had 65% gas savings plus uninterrupted hot water."

Tankless Commercial Buyers Guide

Download Our Commercial Tankless Buyer's Guide.

Save Time on Research.
Tankless Commercial Buyers Guide