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5 Signs Its Time to Replace Your Water Heating System With Intellihot Commercial Tankless

With examples from real commercial properties, here are 5 signs you should replace your existing water heating system with Intellihot’s commercial tankless water heater. 

You don’t need to wait for a complete water heating system failure at your commercial property. Replacing ancient or unreliable water heating technology can be beneficial right away.  Here are 5 signs before a complete failure that might indicate that your facility is ready to upgrade its water heating system to Intellihot’s cutting-edge technology: 

1. You want to save money on your water heating costs with a commercial tankless water heater.

Are your property’s operating costs getting too high? Making profitability a constant struggle? Or do you want to simply save more money? In most cases, we’ve noticed that property owners and managers consider their water heating costs to be a fixed expense. Here’s an example that will change your mind:

The Hilton San Francisco Airport Bayfront Hotel was spending approximately $20,000 on their water heating bills. With over 400 rooms to power, this seemed reasonable. When they switched to our water heating system, their monthly water heating bills dropped to $5000. They transitioned to commercial tankless water heaters after storing 8,000 gallons of potable water. Until today, they are receiving uninterrupted hot water in all of their 400 rooms. 

Don’t have 400 rooms in your property? You can estimate your projected gas savings with our fuel savings calculator for a more customized outlook. 

2. You want to stop replacing your water heaters every few years.

Tankless systems are a no-brainer for commercial properties. Only if they’re purposefully designed for commercial-grade work though. Most non-Intellihot tankless water heaters today offer residential systems that are scaled improperly. Like a tiny smart car trying to tow a camper: they just don’t have the right parts for commercial applications. Allow us to elaborate: 

This egg-processing facility in Kentucky needs close to 2 million BTUs/hr. Earlier, they used a rack system with 9 residential-grade tankless water heaters. The result? An average life of 1-2 years. A replacement with just 4 Intellihot iN401 units was all they needed. Another perk: Intellihot’s system is able to meet USDA’s hot water temperature requirements: something the rack system struggled with. 

3. You want to save space in your property with a commercial tankless water heater.

Do you need to learn Yoga to move around in your boiler room? With giant tanks, or a rack system with more water heaters than your fingers, you might be pressed to find some breathing room. You can save valuable real estate by switching to Intellihot’s commercial solutions. Pancake Pantry in Gatlinburg, TN did exactly that:

The restaurant’s original hot water system consisted of two 50-gallon water heaters as well as a 100-gallon storage tank. Apart from the fact that the water heaters were failing constantly, they were also hoarding tons of space. Space is like gold dust for restaurants. When they decided to go with Intellihot, all they needed was a single iN501 unit which occupies 1/3rd the amount of space.

4. You want a reliable commercial tankless water heater that doesn’t make your maintenance team work overtime.

Do you assume that your maintenance team needs to fix little glitches in your water heater system regularly? Flush it annually? Turn a few valves every now and then? Or keep ordering replacement parts every few weeks? We consider our water heaters to be reliable commercial partners. Not products that make you their employees with routine maintenance. Here’s how Turtle Bay Resort in Oahu, Hawaii quit its water heater maintenance job by partnering with Intellihot commercial tankless water heater: 

The resort’s maintenance team had to manually adjust their original water heater’s valves when demand got too high. “I’m always for reliability, especially with the hotels,” Castaldi (installing contractor) says. “Getting parts on an island can be difficult, especially when they’re one-of-a-kind parts. Intellihot has modular tankless heaters inside the cabinet. Essentially, you pop it out, pop in a new one, and away we go. So it’s really easy to stock those modular heaters as replacements.”

After replacing a 900-gallon tank with just two Intellihot iQ1501 tankless units (hello space!), the resort was projected to save $90,000 annually. That’s just a 3 year buy-back period. No losses here. 

5. You don’t want to spend too much upfront (or at all) for a new water heating system.

If you consider buyback periods, an Intellihot product would practically pay for itself in a few years, as seen in the Turtle Bay Resort example mentioned above. If you prefer not looking towards the future for a present decision, you’d still be making a cost-effective choice with Intellihot. Storage systems and non-Intellihot tankless systems come with a flurry of unanticipated expenses. Like getting a crane for transportation: 

Rincon Center in San Francisco, CA is a mixed-use building with gigantic hot water needs. When it was time to upgrade their water heating system, they needed $25,000 for a like-for-like replacement. They would have needed a crane to transport the bulky system to the top of the building. Instead they chose to go with fourteen iQ251 wall-hung units. These backpack-sized products did not need a crane for transportation. 

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