Commercial iQ Series

Models iQ251, iQ751, iQ1001

Our iQ Series delivers the ultimate in water-heating capacity. These high-input units are designed for very-large-volume applications using potable hot water. Looking to conserve floor space? Install the wall-hung iQ251 heaters. Looking for the most powerful solution possible? Team together four freestanding iQ1001 units to create a 4 million Btu/h system. Imagine what you can do with 110 GPM at 70°F rise, 24/7/365? The configuration possibilities are endless, and the performance is second to none.


Instead of sizing a water-heating system and then adding redundancy, you now have a far better option: Our iQ series incorporates built-in redundancy, completely eliminating the need for oversizing. For example, each iQ1001 unit includes four independent heat engines that operate as an integrated system. If any one of the four internal modules experiences a malfunction, the remaining three will continue to operate—providing 75% of the original capacity.

  • 251,000 to 1,001,000 Btu/h for large commercial facilities
  • 98 percent condensing combustion efficiency minimizes operating costs, ensures green operation
  • The industry’s leading turndown ratio (33:1 on the iQ751/iQ1001) for unparalleled gas savings
  • Cycle-proof and stress-resistant for maximum durability
  • Down-fired, premixed burner for extended life and low maintenance
  • Negative pressure gas valve allows low 2.5″ WC static operation
  • Full modulation delivers maximum Btu/h input when needed and zero Btu/h the rest of the time
  • Connects to common venting up to 200 feet
  • ASME-HLW Compliant (iQ751/iQ1001)


  • Restaurants
  • Car washes
  • Commercial kitchens
  • Hotels
  • Fast-food restaurants

iQ751 | iQ1001:

  • Schools
  • Large apartment complexes
  • Stadiums
  • Hospitals
  • Large hotels

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