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    Not just hot water. Smart water.

    Our water heaters recognize water-use patterns and deliver hot water as soon as you turn on the faucet. Our units run themselves, with no master controller to fail and no need to shut the whole system down for service.

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    New today, new tomorrow.

    With a heat exchanger made of surgical stainless steel that’s also self-cleaning and anti-scaling, Intellihot water heaters deliver years of like-new operation and never need cleaning.

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    Less is more.

    Save on energy bills. Reduce your carbon footprint. Capture energy typically lost by traditional heaters. All without sacrificing hot water on demand.

  • home_nextgennow_jan20home_nextgennow_jan20

    Next generation now.

    Intellihot water heaters combine diesel engine robustness, robotics intelligence and marine environment durability. You won’t find that in any other water heater design today.

  • home_nowaitnowaste_jan20home_nowaitnowaste_jan20

    No wait, no waste.

    Traditional water heaters keep large tanks of water hot, while water in the pipes cools down between uses. With Intellihot, no tank means no wasted water, space, energy or time.

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Combi Special

Born of a busted water heater and a soaked basement.

When Intellihot’s founder returned home from a 40-hour flight to find his water heater broken and his basement flooded, he didn’t just clean up the mess and call a plumber. He set out to reinvent the industry. No more tanks, no more leaks, no more wasted time and energy. Powerful enough to handle the extreme loads of commercial and industrial applications. Precise enough to manage the unique demands of residential properties.


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Sizing Calculator


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