Yonkers Preservation – Yonkers, NY

Yonkers Preservation Gets A Smart Boiler Room Make-Over




Property Details

Retrofit – 60 Units

Product Installed

(3) iN401

Installed Capacity

1,200,000 BTU/hr Zero Gallons storage


Thermal Systems

Yonkers Preservation was looking for upgrades to their building of 60 apartments by going from Low Efficient Boiler Tanks to High Efficient Domestic Water Heaters. lntellihot’s Tankless On-Demand Water Heaters were the perfect fit for the job. Sizing for these units was guaranteed by the factory based on fixture count on plans.


The Challenge

Yonkers Preservation needed a water heater upgrade from their low efficient steam boiler and tank setup. Due to the risk that storage tanks have with stagnant water. Legionella bacteria growth is a major overall risk to the health of residents.

The Intellihot Solution

Intellihot provided 3 iN401’s that can easily meet the demands of the building and provide a highly efficient system that improves health and safety.
The building staff is better able to attend to any mechanical issues through remote monitoring and notifications.

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