Vision Hospitality Group – La Quinta Inn, Chattanooga, TN

Meeting a Top Local Hotel’s Morning Demand for Hot Water.

Hotel owners agree: Not having enough hot water for morning peak demand is just bad for business. This savvy hotel developer in the Southeast found the right-sized Intellihot product to handle their rush hour needs while saving energy by eliminating the need for storage.



Hospitality / New Construction

Property Details

53 Rooms

Installed Capacity

750,000 BTU/hr.

Product Installed

One iQ751



“VHG decided to go with the Intellihot iQ751 gas water heater because it completely eliminated the need for storage which will ultimately save us money on our utility costs. We also enjoy the compact footprint of the unit which frees up valuable sq/ft inside our mechanical room.”

– Peter Patel, Director of Procurement 

The Challenge

This new property’s small mechanical room made it very difficult to maintain the required clearances between all plumbing, HVAC and electrical equipment. Three 100 gallon commercial tank type heaters originally specified required six separate 3” PVC pipes for intake/ exhaust, three 120v power supplies, plus substantial copper and black iron piping for all of the water and gas connections.

The Intellihot Solution

A single Intellihot iQ750/iQ751 overcame the space constraints while still providing ample amounts of hot water and unparalleled reliability for the 53 rooms and commercial laundry. The 30” wide cabinet with single points of connection for water, gas and vents reduced the total amount of piping by nearly two-thirds, drastically reducing the install cost and freeing up floor space.

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