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Utah Valley University- Orem, Utah

Intellihot delivers hot water and big savings for UVU Students.

This student housing project was originally designed around Raypak water heaters and large storage tanks. The contractor was excited to switch to Intellihot after seeing the reduced footprint, simpler piping, and smaller price tag, and customer health & safety benefits. Utah Valley University has 40,936 students, that can trust that a hot shower will always be ready, especially when waking up for an early class on those cold winter Utah mornings.



Multi-Family / Education

Property Details

New Construction

Product Installed

(2) iQ751, (4) iQ1001, (6) iQ1501

Installed Capacity

14,500,000 BTU/hr Zero Gallons storage


Intermountain Hydronic Specialties

“The Intellihot products are awesome. They are very user-friendly and easy to install. They also have a great support staff. If you ever have any needs, they will take care of you!”

Nick Ovard
Contractor UMC INC.

The Problem

This project was initially designed around large storage tanks, which would have been space-hogging, inefficient, and prone to leaks and bacteria. This luxury off-campus housing complex wanted a greener, safer, reliable hot water solution.

The Intellihot Solution

(2) iQ751, (4) iQ1001, (6) iQ1501 across5 buildings were chosen for this project. The contractor chose to switch toIntellihot after seeing the reduced footprint, simpler piping, and smaller price tag. The customer was glad to receive unlimited hot water, Legionella mitigation, and deep energy savings.

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