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Training Truck Tracker

Hop in! We're providing hot water training on wheels. Here's our schedule

Just Returned from: Arizona & California
Next Stop: Midwest
May: Northeast
June: Mid-Atlantic

Our training truck is an innovative hot water training solution for commercial contractors across North America. Learn about Intellihot’s groundbreaking tankless technology, and start implementing innovative, cost-effective, and sustainable water heating solutions for commercial facilities. 

Here’s our training truck’s schedule calendar of events:

Event Type Date
4/16/2024 IntelliPRO Training with Commercial Plumbing & Heating, Forest Lake, Minnesota.
4/16/2024 IntelliPro Training with Metropolitan Mechanical Contractors in Minnesota.
4/18/2024 Pipe Pro IntelliPRO training @ Plumb Supply in Rapids, Iowa.
4/19/2024 IntelliPro Training with Metropolitan Mechanical Contractors in Omaha, Nebraska.
4/22/2024 TBD Midwest Stop
4/29/2024 TBD Midwest Stop
5/6/2024 TBD Midwest
5/13/2024 TBD  Northeast
5/20/2024 TBD  Northeast
5/28/2024 TBD  Northeast
6/3/2024 TBD  Northeast
6/10/2024 TBD Mid Atlantic
6/17/2024 TBD Mid Atlantic
6/24/2024 TBD Mid Atlantic

Call us to your hometown

Want our truck to visit you? Contact our Contractor Network Manager to request a training truck visit at your location: 

John Herrick, Contractor Network Manager

Phone: 309-351-9555

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