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2 Intellihot Solutions Are Among 2023's Top Products

Find out which Intellihot solutions were named among the Top 20 Products of 2023 by Plumbing & Mechanical Engineer Magazine.

PM Engineer Top Products 2023

Competing with thousands of entries, these 2 Intellihot solutions were named among the Top 20 Products in 2023 by Plumbing & Mechanical Engineer Magazine. 

telliSize Sizing Calculator

Our sizing calculator has evolved! With a robust six-dimensional software in the backend, telliSize presents the most viable means to size heat pump water heaters with confidence. The freshly-designed front end allows for a better user experience. 

  • telliSize uses real-world data and advanced mathematical models to simulate performance over 365 days to provide guaranteed sizing for plumbing engineers and architects.
  • Three different sizing options are provided to meet varying needs: an option with the least upfront cost, one with the lowest operational expenses, and one that balances both.
  • All sizings provided are guaranteed: Intellihot pays for any additional equipment if the results cannot meet your demand. 

Electron iE1

The Electron iE1 is the world’s first tankless heat pump water heater. With a COP of 4.9 and a specially-designed thermal batter, the Electron iE1 lets you embrace electrification without worrying about humongous space needs, unpredictable performance, or high costs. 

With guaranteed sizing, better cold-weather performance, and no need for external equipment, the iE1 is your best bet for a future-proof commercial water heating system.

From Skyscrapers to Stadiums

How data from 19,000+ N. American facilities helps us design custom commercial hot water systems at scale.

Download this eBook to:

  • Discover the differences in hot water usage across N. American commercial properties of various types with insights from a database consisting of 19000+ facilities.
  • Learn about a simpler, data-backed approach to commercial hot water sizing that results in guaranteed and accurate results. 
  • Understand the standardized assumptions of traditional hot water sizing methodologies and ways to overcome them with a data-backed approach.