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These Contractors Can Confirm: Tankless Is Possible for Commercial Projects.

If you’re resisting to choose tankless for commercial applications, you may be lagging behind your friendly competitors.

Resisting tankless water heaters may have been the smart choice when on-demand technology entered the North American market in the 1990s. In the 90s, challenges like expensive venting, and the need to update gas lines were real obstacles, as confirmed by Contractor Magazine. However, their article also reveals that such issues do not exist any more than myths today. Some other contractors have switched and enjoying mass rewards already: 

Venting isn't challenging with tankless.

Rick’s Plumbing was prepared for a puzzle. The two storage tanks at Rowe Apartments in New Haven, CT were vented with a maze of pipes. When they replaced those units with two iQ751s, the tankless products’ smart common venting capabilities felt like the first day of spring.

Look at the pictures below: which of these systems would you rather install?

It took 5 guys to take down a boiler:

D.M. Kelly Mechanical needed to deploy a 5-person team to break down a 250-gallon water heater. They made a neat video documenting the process too. This can be avoided if you choose tankless water heaters. With less manpower needed for each task, you can take on more projects. 

Don’t leave money on the table with 5-man jobs. 

Last-minute projects are possible with tankless.

Customers may never get it: emergency replacements sound easier on paper. But you still want to deliver exceptional service like Vermont Mechanical. Avoiding a lack of hot water for Killington Mountain Lodge’s guests, the Vermont Mechanical team replaced an 1800-gallon tank in a flash. 

How? With our Neuron Series’ drop-in installation design. With connections in the same place as boilers, these tankless units won’t make you feel like you’re working on alien technology.

Photo Courtesy: Jeff Slattery (LinkedIn)

Manic Mondays roll by effortlessly with tankless.

Got a big job at the start of the week? With tankless units, you can ease into the weekday like Cullen Mechanical did. They simply rolled two of our tankless units to the site. Compact and lightweight, they fit through standard elevator doors and start up easily. No more heavy lifting.

The Intellihot iQ751 model in this installation weighs only 730 lbs. Its dimensions in inches (HxWxD) are 67.7x30x44.3.