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The Hattle Apartments - Goshen, IN

100 Year Old Building Replaces 100 Year Old Water Heating Technology.

The management of this legacy apartment building needed to replace two tank-type water heaters. By replacing the 100-year old technology with Intellihot’s easy-to-install system, the property now enjoys benefits like energy cost reduction and LTE connectivity.



Multi-Family / Retrofit

Property Details

12 Units


Mechanical Man Inc.

Product Installed

Two iN199s

Installed Capacity

398,000 BTU/hr.

“The customer liked the smaller form and the efficiency but were also excited about the ease of maintenance. The weight made a huge difference with the installers as they had to wrestle the BTHs out of place and up the stairs. Tech Support was excellent too – very easy to get ahold of and super helpful with questions
our plumbers had.”

– Tony Jamora, Mechanical Man Inc., (Installing Contractor)

iN199 web

The Challenge

One of the buildings current water heaters was inoperable. Some of the stipulations that LaCasa requested were the same capacity, same or better performance and if possible smaller form as their maintenance for the building complained about the space in and around water heaters was very restrictive.

The Intellihot Solution

Two iN199 units were chosen to replace two storage tank units. Thus eliminating the need to store any water, and only using energy when water is needed. Ease of installation, energy cost reduction, and LTE connectivity are some of the benefits and features for which the iN199 was selected for this retrofit.

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