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telliSize is an app specially designed for contractors and service providers to provide quick size and quotations for water heater related requirements of your clients projects. This app is designed to revolutionize the idea of selecting the right water heater for home or industrial use. By entering simple measurements and the number of units in your target site, you can get the exact water heater requirements within minutes.  This includes an email with detailed schematics.

Working with the latest propriety algorithms, telliSize provides the exact requirements of water heaters for domestic and commercial use by simply entering the basic measurements.


telliSize is a user friendly app that helps you work with your clients in a professional way. By allowing you to help your clients choose the right size of water heater. Every contract that you do requires proper water heating solutions and telliSize is always ready to assist you. By analyzing the local data and statistics, it supports you in deciding the right equipment for your target project.

Getting the right quotation and size with telliSize is quite simple. Just enter the dimensions of your target area along with number of units such as private shower, slop sink or public lavatory to get the best selection of water heaters.


Working with telliSize is easy and user-friendly. The step-by-step process involves asking quick questions regarding your project such as ASME requirements, whether you are looking for a wall-mounted water heater or floor mounted heater and what kind of fuel supply you are going to use for it. Based on your selection, the intelligent telliSize app helps you decide the best available resources for your project.

The next step involves asking the ground details of your location, knowing about the local temperature, your target water heating temperature and what altitude you are going to install the water heater at. By gathering all the ground details related to your project, telliSize then gives proper ideas as per your requirements. telliSize does not gives its opinion without knowing your location, temperature and other ground details. This app is specially designed for contractors and engineers who are prone to working at different locations throughout the country thus allowing them to use one app for all their water heating related projects.

tellisize’s intelligent algorithm is well equipped with modern energy solutions and thus it is quite easy for you to make the best use of this app in deciding the right plumbing needs for your upcoming project.

TelliSize is available in the App Store to help you work efficiently while enjoying the perks of automatic analysis of your target projects.

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