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The telliBot app is designed to keep the status of your entire boiler room at your fingertips.  Monitor all the functions and features of telliBot right from your iOS device.

  • Monitoring & Predictive Analytics - Monitor the supply/return temperatures of any water heater or boiler, and send alerts for any out of range activity.
  • Water Leakage & Condensate Backup - Monitor for any leaks that might be starting and will alert you if that happens.
  • Carbon Monoxide and flue-gas leakage - Monitor for any Carbon Monoxide and flue-gas leakage and will alert you if that happens.
  • Neutralizer media - Monitor the media usage and send you the neutralizer media before it is used up.
  • Remote On/Off - In the event that the condensate is blocked, telliBot can turn off the water heater or boiler via a remote interlock output.

Download the telliBot app from the App Store.