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Rebates for Commercial Tankless Water Heaters

Here’s a brief overview of rebates for water heaters, and how you can view qualifying rebates for commercial tankless water heaters by Intellihot.

Did you know? You can get paid for preserving the environment by selecting energy-efficient equipment with the help of rebates. The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) which supports these rebates was able to contribute $360 billion towards private sector clean energy, according to the White House. 

Many of you might be aware of rebate programs for water heater heaters. Here’s a brief overview of rebates for water heaters, and how you can view qualifying rebates for commercial tankless water heaters.

What are rebates for water heaters?

Rebates are like a discount that you get after buying a product. In this case, rebates for water heaters include the money that you get back after purchasing an energy-efficient water heater. Why is money given back? It is a kind of sustainability initiative. Here’s how:

Sustainable products tend to cost more upfront than their unsustainable counterparts. In most cases, this is because sustainable technology is newer. To influence higher use of sustainable technology, the government offers several financial incentives. These incentives level the playing field between sustainable products and unsustainable products. By doing so, cost is no longer a roadblock for people wanting to make eco-friendly choices. 

iE1 Rear View

Rebates for water heaters are how consumers can take advantage of these incentives. With the help of rebates, consumers can negate the price difference between the sustainable water heater they chose and unsustainable units that may have cost lower upfront.

Remember: Sustainable water heaters are more energy efficient, and incur lower operational/energy costs. 

What water heaters qualify for rebates?

Several water heaters qualify for rebates in the United States. The iQ3001, for instance, qualifies for rebates up to $12,004 in California. However, a singular list of applicable water heaters for rebates is not feasible since every state has different guidelines for the qualification criteria for each product.

Moreover, the rebate amount can vary for each state as well. The same product can qualify for different amounts of rebates in different states.  Additionally, legislation keeps changing. Products get modified or updated. So, rebate qualification information changes frequently too.

Where to find rebates for commercial tankless water heaters?

Wondering where you can find information about rebates for commercial tankless water heaters? As mentioned earlier, this information is not easily available in the form of one-stop list. You can check rebates for any Intellihot product in any location in the United States by zip code here.

Most water heater manufacturers have similar tools to find qualifying rebates for their products. A simple Google search can help.

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