RA Sushi, Southern CA

California Sushi Restaurant Catches A Big Fish

RA Sushi has a high demand for very hot water at 140 degrees, for 14 to 15 hours every day. With space at a premium, Intellihot’s wall-hung units fit right in to provide all the hot water needed, with three times the redundancy versus a tank water heater.




Property Details

Full-service restaurant 195 people capacity

Installed Capacity

Zero Gallons storage

Product Installed

Three i200s


DB Sales

“We have installed Intellihot tankless waters in a few of our restaurants, and they work great. Intellihot has addressed past reliability issues we had with other tankless water heaters.”
Jim Mouland,Western Facilities Manager

The Problem

RA Sushi had tried other tankless water heaters before, but those had failed. Providing 140 degree temperature for 14-15 hours a day had proved to be too much for the other tankless water heaters with 1/2” copper heat exchangers. They became full of lime scale and degraded rapidly.

The Intellihot Solution

Three Intellihot i200 units were cascaded together to provide not only ample hot water at 140 degrees, but also much appreciated redundancy. Intellihot’s 3/4” 316L stainless steel heat exchangers have proven to be indestructible, resistant to scale build-up, and easily able to run 14-15 hours a day.

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