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Senior Living Facility in South Dakota Chooses Intellihot.

Representative Spotlight: Ryan Company Inc.

Intellihot’s truly-commercial tankless technology provides an efficient, healthy, and sustainable choice for reliable water heating at this senior living property.

Application Details:

A senior living facility was seeking a reliable water heating system for their facility. Three Intellihot iQ1001 tankless units were chosen for this property. Ryan company represented Intellihot for this project. 

Combined, the units deliver over 3 million BTUs/hr. with multiple heat exchangers in each unit. Such a design ensures high levels of redundancy, ensuring that the senior living facility will never be out of hot water. Moreover, the truly tankless technology also mitigates Legionella infestation, resulting in a much a healthier hot water system for the seniors. 

About Ryan Company

Ryan Company is a manufacturer sales representative for various lines of commercial, industrial & residential HVAC. equipment. Their mission is to provide products of leading-edge technology and superior engineering and services for the commercial and industrial fields. Through the integrity of their company, they assure customers receive the best product application to meet their needs.