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Pancake Pantry – Gatlinburg, TN

Pancake Pantry Flips for Intellihot

This popular local restaurant selected Intellihot’s high-efficiency, tankless water heater when their old water heater and storage tank began to fail.




Property Details

Breakfast & Lunch Family Restaurant

Installed Capacity

500,000 BTU/hr

Product Installed

One iN501

“Very impressed with the capability of the unit. The technology is unbelievable and only takes 1/3 of the space.”
Garry Myers, Manager

“The install time was cut in half in comparison to a like for like installation.”

Mike O’Connor, Mo’s Mechanical

Restaurant Water Heater

The Challenge

The Pancake Pantry had two 50-gallon water heaters, plus one 100-gallon storage tank that was failing and potentially jeopardizing operations. They needed replacements, and were looking for something efficient and space-saving.

Restaurant Tankless Water Heaters

The Intellihot Solution

One iN501 replaced their failing water heating system, and with no storage tank it took up only 1/3 of the space. The Neuron unit is slimmer, so it saves space while providing built-in redundancy.

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