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Numerous Retail Store Locations

Leading Retailer Specs Intellihot Water Heaters Into Store Design

Since 2014, every new store of the largest membership-based warehouse club in North America, has been using Intellihot’s tankless water heaters, for all its hot water needs.



Retail / New Construction

Property Details

Large, national retail stores Various locations all over USA

Product Installed

Four i200s

Installed Capacity

800,000 BTU/hr Zero Gallons storage


Various reps all over North America

This major retailer is an American membership-only warehouse club that provides a wide selection of merchandise. It is the largest membership-only warehouse club in the United States. Since 2014, Intellihot’s tankless water heater systems have been made part of the engineering specs of their stores. So every new store that has been built since 2014, is being powered by Intellihot’s commercial tankless water heating systems.

The Challenge

The customer needed a large amount of hot water for the meat and produce section in the back, and moderate amount of hot water for the snack room and restrooms in the front. Space was at a premium so the water heaters had to be small and preferably off the floor.

The Intellihot Solution

Intellihot designed a split system setup for them consisting of one loop of three i200’s servicing the back half of the store, and a second loop consisting of one i200 for the front half of the store.

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