The Perfect Drop-In Solution

The iN401, iN501, and iN199 are the first drop-in ready tank replacement units that provide all the features and benefits that Intellihot is known for in a smaller and more compact footprint.

iN199 Neuron

199,950 BTUs/hr

iN501 Neuron

499,999 BTUs/hr

iN401 Neuron

399,999 BTUs/hr

iN199A Neuron

199,950 BTUs/hr

ASME Certified

Masterless Cascading Ensures Zero Downtime

All of our commercial hybrid water heaters can be cascaded for increased capacity. And yet, each one operates autonomously. This means cascaded units do not require a master controller (the kind that causes a single-point failure).

With Intellihot’s patented design, each iQ Series unit has enough internal intelligence to perform independently. In fact, if anyone unit needs to be checked or serviced, the cascade will continue to function smoothly to ensure continuous hot water.



Ideal for hotels, schools, hospitals, restaurants, laundromats and other commercial applications.



Eliminates the need to oversize an installation with redundant equipment.


Better ROI

Lower capital and operating costs compared to boilers and tank-style water heaters.



Commercial-grade, expandable 316L stainless steel heat exchanger with proven durability.


GET UP TO $1000

We are so confident that you will love the ease of installation, lightweight design, and availability of the iN199… that we will pay you to give it a try!

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