Neuron Drop-In Guarantee

We are confident that our Neuron series of drop-in water heaters can replace any comparable tank-style boilers with ease. Hence, we guarantee a replacement. If our Neuron product cannot match your previous tank-style water heater’s demand, we will pay for any additional equipment charges. Continue reading for more details. 

The Neuron Series Overview

The iN199, iN401, and iN501 are drop-in ready tank replacement units that provide all the features and benefits that Intellihot is known for in a smaller and more compact footprint.


Head to Head: iN199 0.5 Gallon Tankless vs 100 Gallon Tank Style Water Heater

In a head-to-head comparison of a restaurant application, the Neuron iN199 outperformed a 199,000 BTU/hr. tank heater with 100 gallons of stored water. While the tank heater maintained ±6F of setpoint temperature only 2% of the time, the iN199 maintained ±6F set point temperature 99% of the time, even with rapid load changes.

100 Gallon Commercial Gas Water Heater vs Intellihot iN199

Why is it better?

The Neuron series, like all of our products is able to maintain the set temperature 99% of the time because of our patented Dynamic Storage Technology. Our products use a powerful internal circulator to move 200 gallons of water every hour. Moreover, our high speed controller checks outlet temperature 20 times every second ensuring instant delivery of hot water to meet any demand. 

That is not the only feature that makes the Neuron series superior. Up to four Neuron units with common venting can be cascaded to scale up power as per any application’s requirement. 


Some other features of the Neuron series include: 

  • Gas Pressure Sensor for easy ignition troubleshooting
  • Direct LTE-cellular connectivity to remotely access and monitor your water heater so you can schedule maintenance in advance
  • Water Pressure Sensor for easy scaling checks
  • Multiple self-functioning, identical elements in the iN401 and iN501 for increased redundancy to avoid downtime


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