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Intellihot’s Legionator Heats and Disinfects Water – PHCP Pros

Intellihot’s Legionator Heats and Disinfects Water
Intellihot’s Legionator Heats and Disinfects Water
Steve Smith


Steve Smith stopped by the Intellihot Headquarters recently to learn more about the new POU water heater that reduces Legionella potential with ozone and also features quartz tubing for scale-free heating.

Steve got much more than a glossy sales pitch and a bad cup of coffee.  Read his full editorial about his visit  here

(Excerpt) “It’s not every day that the company founder and CEO goes and gets a screwdriver and starts dismantling his latest product to help us understand how it works. But that’s exactly what Sridhar Deivasigamani did for our benefit when we stopped by Intellihot’s corporate offices in suburban Chicago to take another look at the Legionator.”

The Legionator first caught our eye at Intellihot’s booth at this year’s AHR Expo in Atlanta. It’s unlike any other point-of-use water heater we’ve seen. The Legionator heats water using quartz tubes and disinfects it using automatic ozonation.

“Going back to how we think as a company,” Deivasigamani told us as he worked to pry open the Legionator, “we want to produce efficient hot water. But at the same time we want that water to be healthy. And during the COVID pandemic, entire office buildings were shut down and, as a result, there was all this stagnant water to contend with after these buildings were reopened. So it became clear to us that our industry really needs a technology that cannot only heat water, but sanitize the water before it is used.”

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