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Large Surgical Center, Ogden UT

Hot Water At High Altitudes With Fail-Safe Reliability

This major hospital needed a reliable option for heating water at high altitudes. Intellihot’s units were able to handle cold incoming water and providing hot water instantaneously for the entire building.



Healthcare / Retrofit

Property Details

82,000 square foot
310 licensed beds

Product Installed

Three iQ1501s
Zero Storage

Installed Capacity

4,500,000 BTU/hr
Zero Gallons storage


Gritton & Associates

This is the fourth largest hospital in Utah. Serving northern Utah and portions of southeast Idaho and western Wyoming, it offers nationally ranked programs in cancer treatment, heart and vascular treatment and newborn ICU treatment. Located at 4,658 feet in the mountains, the hospital needed to heat incoming water as cold as 40 degrees. They also needed water heating systems that are absolutely fail-safe so there is no disruption in patient services.


The Problem

The hospital sits at an altitude of 4,568 feet in the mountains of Utah, with an average groundwater temperature of 40 degrees. It also needed a fail-proof, reliable option that could continue providing hot water during emergency outages while eliminating legionella.

The Intellihot Solution

Three iQ1501’s were installed to easily handle the cold incoming water temperatures. The tankless units offer a robust design that eliminates leaks and legionella which provides the hospital with much-needed redundancy. Intellihot’s water heaters are also equipped to convert from natural gas to propane in emergency situations.

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