iQ Series — Deionized

The wall-hung iQ251D on-demand water heater is designed to be a commercial “workhorse.” Each unit delivers 251,000 BTU/hr and is ideal for highly variable applications using deionized hot water. Ideal where space is at a premium, the iQ251D is the most compact and only gasfired, deionized on-demand water heater on the market

iQ251D Key Features:

Masterless Cascading Eliminate single-point failure with multiple units. If one is offline for servicing, all other units regroup and continue to operate.
Eliminate Mixing Valves & Lower Legionella Risks with no storage tanks, there’s a lower risk for Legionella growth. By eliminating the need for mixing valves, this feature also reduces their associated unreliability and costs.
316L Stainless-Steel Construction The unit is durable, built to withstand highly corrosive deionized water.
Flexible Heat Exchanger Built to accommodate quick temperature changes and continual on-off cycles with minimal stress.
Compact Unit Nearly the size of a carry-on suitcase (26”x17”x15.9”), the units each weigh approximately 100 lbs.
ASME-HLW Compliant Suitable for applications managed by engineers, specifiers and contractors.
Natural Gas By using natural gas our systems lower operating costs and improve ROI vs. electric water heaters.
High Power, Small Package Our units require as little as 73KW, substantially less than electric water heaters with no need for 440V or large amperage.


Ideal for hotels, schools, hospitals, restaurants, laundromats and other commercial applications.



Eliminates the need to oversize an installation with redundant equipment.


Better ROI

Lower capital and operating costs compared to boilers and tank-style water heaters.



Commercial-grade, expandable 316L stainless steel heat exchanger with proven durability.

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