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Intellihot’s iQ1001 vs. a Rack System

When space, price, and time is at a premium, ditch the rack!

With Intellihot, gone are the days when an entire mechanical room was chock-full of tank type or tankless water heaters. Save time, save money, and save space by ditching the tankless rack system and utilizing just one iQ1001 commercial tankless water heater.

A single floor mounted iQ1001 will provide you with a racket free installation. This space saving solution outperforms an entire rack system, cutting down on installation time and costs, while maximizing your space.

The Only One You’ll Need:

The Intellihot iQ Series floor-standing units deliver the highest capacity in the industry – up to 3 million BTUs – with no storage tanks required. Designed for very large volume, commercial applications, these high-input units slash capital costs by up to 50%, and decrease operational costs by up to 40%, when compared to traditional tank-type systems.

iQ1001 delivers approximately 1.0 million BTU/hr.

Finally Ready to Make the Switch?

You’re not alone! Intellihot systems make contractors’ lives easier by taking out the guesswork with everything you need in one cabinet, tested to ASME standards. This allows for a quick and easy installation, saving time and providing peace of mind with a single-point connection.

commercial on demand water heater installation

Still not convinced? The reasons to ditch the rack are virtually endless, but let’s start with the basics:

  1. Rack systems boast that they are a solution for your commercial tankless needs but they are not a true commercial product; they often even fail to provide an ASME rating, and lack industrial-strength components for the typical wear and tear of commercial properties.
  2. Due to the fact that many rack system tankless units were actually designed for residential applications, it takes 6, 8, or 12 of them to get the job done.  Instead of just one Intellihot Industrial unit. 
  3. Require additional time on the job site to build not only the rack system but ALL the piping manifolds: gas, water, and venting for many units.
  4.  These site-made systems are not factory tested as a complete system, leaving room for costly errors.
  5. If not put together properly, significant product failure and health concerns may arise.

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