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Intellihot Launches telliBot_ai


GALESBURG, Ill.Sept. 29, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Intellihot, the clean technology company creating transformative, next-generation solutions to transform the built environment, today announced the launch of its latest product, the telliBot_ai, the world’s first intelligent water heater systems analyzer. Current telliBot_ai customers include Benihana Inc., the international restaurant chain.

Hot water is critical for hotels, restaurants, and all other commercial and industrial buildings that need immediate hot water around the clock to remain operational. Unexpected water heater malfunctions can become financially and reputationally devastating for businesses. Equipped with advanced intelligence and sensors, the telliBot_ai analyzes operations by monitoring flow rates, temperatures, firing rate, and more. With this data, Intellihot accurately predicts the useful lifespan of water heater systems, allowing customers to plan for replacements to avoid unexpected hot water outages or system failures.

“The water heating industry has been using the same technology for decades, storing and heating hundreds of gallons of water all day, every day. With vast inefficiencies and energy waste, water heating in the built environment is primed for technological disruption,” said Sridhar Deivasigamani, Intellihot CEO and co-founder. “With the telliBot_ai, the latest Intellihot technological innovation, we can cut operational risks for commercial businesses, while also helping them move to a better and more efficient system — a win-win for business and the environment.”

The telliBot_ai installation and monitoring process is simple: Intellihot ships out the smart device to each customer location. The device itself is easily installed — no special tools needed — to existing water heaters of any make and model. After ten days of monitoring, Intellihot issues a detailed health report for all monitored heater units. With this information, Intellihot customers can anticipate future water shutdowns and upgrade to a more efficient and precisely sized equipment they require — reducing capital and operational expenditures, as well as energy waste.

“Constant, predictable access to the hot water system is critical to commercial business operations, as any restaurant owner will tell you — there is simply no room for compromise,” said JoDee Johnson, Senior Director of Design, Construction and Facilities at Benihana, Inc. “I cannot overstate the peace of mind provided by Intellihot’s telliBot_ai, which continually monitors the health of our hot water heaters and lets us know when we may need a repair or replacement well in advance of a hot water shutdown. Not only does this save us precious time, but it significantly reduces energy and water waste, while keeping us up and running.” 

Current Intellihot customers include Marriott, Hilton, Best Western, Levi’s Stadium, and the Baltimore VA Medical Center, as well as many other large commercial facilities. Intellihot’s suite of next-generation technology solutions are used across many industries, including stadiumsrestaurantshospitalityeducationhealth caresenior living, and manufacturing.

For more information on the telliBot_ai, please visit:

About Intellihot
Founded in 2009, Intellihot creates transformative, next-generation technology solutions to transform the built environment, providing customers with increased efficiency, reliability, safety, and sustainability. Purpose-built for commercial applications, Intellihot’s advanced technology solutions are carefully engineered to provide decades of reliable and predictable service, reducing water and energy waste as well as capital and operating costs for customers.

To learn more about Intellihot, please visit and follow the company on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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