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Intellihot CEO Applauds Biden Administration’s New Water Heater Rule

2001. Until last May, that was the last time our nation’s energy efficiency standards for commercial water heaters were updated. 

This two-decades-long gap is surprising since commercial buildings make up a considerable share of our overall carbon emissions (roughly 35%) with water heating responsible on average for 18% of that consumption. Reducing the energy consumption from commercial water heaters is undeniably a key component of the battle against climate change. 

I’m glad the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), led by Secretary Jennifer Granholm, took decisive action to address this issue by eliminating outdated, inefficient water heaters from the market starting in 2026. However, given the urgency of our climate crisis, why not implement these superb new standards by 2024?

I have no doubt these modernized standards will reduce carbon emissions (DOE estimates 38 million tons between 2026 and 2055) and energy costs (DOE estimates $2.4 billion in that same time frame) when it goes into effect. This means cleaner air for all of us and more money for small businesses, hospitals, and schools.

Intellihot is uniquely prepared to capitalize on this new rule since we produce the only intelligent truly commercial tankless hot water heaters on the market. Our units use 40% less energy than conventional tank-type heaters and have already effectively removed over 3.1 million tons of CO2 from our atmosphere. 

Updating outdated standards like this one is critical to accelerating the electrification movement and our path towards net zero carbon emissions while also saving money. 

At Intellihot, we’ve never been more optimistic about our ability to disrupt how hot water is delivered commercially with our products that are built for cutting-edge operations. Together, we can create a more sustainable world.

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