The iN199 Neuron

Guaranteed to replace comparable tank-type units.

Drop-in ready, the Neuron line packs the energy-saving benefits of tankless units in a reliable design that installs quickly. With the same connections as a traditional boiler for quick startups, and no tank to maintain, the Neuron Series drops in like a breeze.

The iN199A Neuron

The iN199A Neuron is ASME-certified: offering the same convenience of a drop-in tankless water heater with added peace of mind regarding the unit’s safety and quality.

Technical Documents

iN199 Key Features:

Your Trusted Business Partner.

Watch & find out how the Neuron Series can be every business' best friend.

Find Your Guaranteed Neuron Replacement:


Fast & Familiar

Replace typical tank units in a flash with similarly located connections.


Next-Gen Connectivity

Remotely access and monitor: no need for your building’s Wi-Fi.


Guaranteed to Replace

Get written assurance when replacing comparable boilers.

Make the Right Choice. Quickly. Easily. Remotely.


Designed for contractors and service providers, telliSize allows instant tankless sizing of commercial properties online. Enter some basic details and receive multiple tankless choices with detailed schematics. Get guaranteed results – if telliSize’s recommendations fail to deliver the required performance, we pay for any additional equipment costs.