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iNTouch Building Management System


Intellihot’s iNTouch BMS is a self-learning building management system that incorporates built-in smart logic. It uses complex artificial intelligence to learn usage patterns and optimize for efficiency and detect any issues beforehand.

Built-In Smart Logic and Self-Learning Capabilities

The Most Advanced Building Management System

Intellihot’s iNTouch BMS has three unique features that are not available in any other BMS in
the industry –

External Pump – Powers building recirculation pumps based on learned water usage of the

Remote Setpoint – Allows the temperature to be set remotely via a 0-10 VDC or 4-20mA signal.

Alarm – Buzzes if it detects anything wrong with any of the components it is connected to, and
communicates the appropriate error codes so that the user knows which component needs

In addition to the above, Intellihot’s iNTouch BMS also has all the standard features of a
BMS, such as –

Run-time Status – Indicates if the unit is running.

Louver Interlock – Allows the unit to fire upon achieving the correct position for the louver.

Louver Power – Supplies 120V AC power to the louvers.

Remote On/Off – Allows the unit to be turned ON/OFF remotely.

Tank Temperature Sensor – Monitors the temperature within a storage tank, should one be used.

Outdoor Temperature – Monitors outdoor temperature and adjusts the unit appropriately.

BACNET – Interface with BMS/BAS

  • Conveys flame status, error status, temperature, firing rate, blower speed, and performance history.
  • Supports remote interlock.


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