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How Our Tankless Unit Outperforms
a 100-Gallon Tank

How our tankless unit outperforms a 100-gallon tank.

In a head-to-head comparison in a Full-Service restaurant application, the Neuron iN199 outperformed a 199,000 BTU/hr. tank heater with 100 gallons of stored water. While the tank heater maintained ±6F of set point temperature only 20% of the time, the iN199 maintained ±6F set point temperature 90% of the time, even with rapid load changes.
This is possible because of our patented Dynamic Response™ Technology. Our system uses an ultra-powerful internal circulator effectively moving 300 Gallons of water every hour. This together with our high-speed controller that checks temperatures 20 times every second results in a lightning-fast response that meets dump load demands. See the graph above for real-world results in a full-service restaurant.
Additionally, Intellihot’s models use AI to constantly analyze their own performance, monitoring their output and predicting when parts will need replacing. So instead of worrying about their water systems and hoping they don’t simply quit, owners can relax knowing the Intellihot unit will inform them of any impending issues that could lead to a breakdown. Preventive maintenance can be performed without any loss of service, all in an efficient, environmentally friendly package.

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Intellihot is so confident that your project will be sized correctly by us, if not, we will pay for any additional equipment at no charge.


The iN199 has a similar first hour rating of 307 gallons vs. 305 gallons for a 100 Gallon 199,000 BTU Tank heater heater at a 75F degree rise. Our tests indicate that the tank heaters despite storage have no apparent advantage in hot water delivery for restaurants. Also, the iN199 is significantly lighter and smaller that tanks. See the table below
The iN199 not only has a much better warranty but it also includes plug-n-play cellular factory connectivity and support. See table below

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