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Here’s Why Energy Efficient Buildings Use Intellihot Water Heaters


The most obvious and common reason larger buildings are leaning towards a tankless water heater is that they have the ability to lower the monthly energy bill. 

When you’re running such a large operation, any savings each month can make a huge difference. There are a lot of factors in a monthly energy bill that are hard to change and lower. But new technology for heating water is available and can really have that positive effect. 

The difference between a conventional water heater and an Intellihot Tankless water heater is the amount of wasted energy. The older style water heaters lose up to 15% or more of the heat they produce, where the newer models use the power more efficiently and lose much less. That means you end up only paying for the hot water you get instead of the wasted power. 


Saving money is obviously a huge deal for a large building owner. Cutting costs makes your investment more lucrative each month. But switching to a more energy efficient water heating system also has a major effect on the environment as well. 

We all know that power isn’t just available and an indefinite resource, it takes quite a bit to produce what we need for daily life. 

When you can reduce the amount of power needed, even just for heating the water in your building, you reduce the strain on the environment to produce that power. Making sure none of it is wasted throughout the system reduces that even more. 


Hot water on demand is one of the modern-day conveniences that no one wants to live without. There’s truly nothing worse than losing your hot water in the middle of your shower. Not to mention how that would affect some of the appliances used every day. We all need hot water, so you want a water heater that will last. 

A conventional water heater typically lasts anywhere between eight and twelve years. But a new, energy efficient water heater should last many more years than that. 

The technology used within a tankless water heater that makes them more energy efficient also makes them more durable. There are fewer parts that can get broken, fewer opportunities for corrosion, and less power used which all lead to less daily damage and a longer life for the machine. 


When you choose to go with a heat pump tankless water heater it might not have the capacity you need to meet the demand of your entire building. But these machines are set up to be a part of a whole system instead of operating on their own.

With a traditional large-scale water heating system, there is one main machine that’s running the whole operation. If that machine has a problem the whole thing goes down and no one is getting hot water. With the Intellihot Tankless water heaters, you can hook many units together to meet the demand. But they all operate independently and so you won’t have the same outages. 

This type of system allows you to keep as much hot water flowing as possible while making repairs to the damaged unit. 


Not only can you create a customized system to meet all of your water heating needs, but you can also take control of that system from anywhere. 

Intellihot systems all have the ability to connect over wifi and grant you access from your office or mobile device. That means you can control temperature limits, be alerted of outages, and everything else you need to know at all times. There’s less waiting to see if a problem arises and more productive actions. 

This remote access gives you easier control over the whole system, which could also lead to more savings each month as well. 


That capability to access your water heating system from anywhere also allows you to keep an eye on the usage each day. You can check in with the system and get real-time data that will help you make the most informed decisions and help you save more money. 

With the linked app, you can see how much hot water your Intellihot Tankless water heater is making each day, see the fluctuation in temperatures, and the combustion rates. All of this helps you hone in on the fine line between meeting the needs of your building’s hot water supply and being the most efficient with the power. 

All of this added technology is designed to help you have the most energy efficient system possible. 


Becoming as energy efficient as possible is often a big goal for many building owners. Not only does it save you a lot of money over time but it’s also much better for the environment. The goal is widely accepted as a worthy venture but the steps to get there are often a bit confusing. 

Switching to Intellihot Tankless water heaters for the whole building is an easy way to get started on these changes. 

You can completely customize the system to work best for your situation and needs. Their features make it easy to manage that system and make sure everything is always working correctly. 

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