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Intellihot Launches telliSize, a 6-Dimensional Dynamic Simulation Software Tool to Simplify Sizing Heat Pump Water Heaters and Speed Up Electrification

Chicago, IL., June 28, 2023: Award-winning commercial water heater manufacturer, Intellihot launched telliSize, a 6-Dimensional dynamic simulation software tool to speed up the electrification of the American built environment. This tool allows plumbing engineers to design commercial heat pump water heating systems quickly and confidently without time-consuming calculations and ambiguous assumptions. Intellihot’s Electron Heat pump water heaters – which absorb heat from ambient air at efficiencies over 400% – are set to eliminate the usage of natural gas for water heating. Intellihot’s online sizing calculator uses real-world data and advanced mathematical models to simulate performance over 365 days to provide guaranteed sizing for plumbing engineers and architects.

Since states like New York and California banned the use of natural gas in commercial buildings, heat pump water heaters are the most viable solution for the future. However, heat pump technology’s performance is tied to external parameters that change constantly like the weather, ambient air temperature, ground water temperature, price of electricity (which fluctuates hourly), and hot water consumption patterns. “Put simply: without telliSize – engineers cannot confidently or accurately determine how many heat pumps a specific application would need, and how the entire system would perform. The current methodologies are fraught with assumptions and prone to errors. They either oversize or undersize applications, resulting in excess space and power needs, or failure to meet hot water demand,” says Intellihot CTO, Siva Akasam.

Users simply need to select their property type and input its zip code, fixture count, and desired outlet temperature online at telliSize. Then, the calculator uses real-world data from similar properties and runs an advanced dynamic mathematical model on cloud computers using parallel computing technology.  The users are emailed with three guaranteed configuration options within 3 business days. Users can select an option that provides the least upfront cost, an option that results in the lowest operational expenses, or one that balances both. Intellihot is so confident in its telliSize tool that it even offers a guarantee – If any of the selections fail to meet the user’s hot water demand, Intellihot will supply additional equipment at no extra cost.

Intellihot’s telliSize calculator allows users to enjoy the space-saving and cost-reducing advantages of its Electron Heat Pumps. The aforementioned difficulties in assessing heat pump technology’s performance confidently have led to businesses being unable to adopt the sustainable water heating solution as it results in space-hogging systems that waste energy and money. Intellihot’s tool, coupled with the manufacturer’s recent launch of the world’s first tankless heat pump water heater, impeccably positions the Chicago-based company to assist commercial properties in installing sustainable, efficient, and sturdy heat pump water heating systems.


About Intellihot

Intellihot is an innovative designer/manufacturer of built-environment systems that challenge traditional approaches for sustainability. Under the leadership of founder and CEO Sridhar (Sri) Deivasigamani, Intellihot offers a range of tankless water heaters designed and built for commercial applications with a focus on sustainability, cost savings, and water quality for safety. Winner of an Edison Award for Best New Product in 2022, and Best Products of AHR 2023, Intellihot serves the hospitality, restaurant, multi-family housing, senior living, commercial facilities, and plumbing industries. Intellihot has operations in suburban Chicago, and Galesburg, IL. with distributors across North America. Learn more at or by following the company on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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