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Green Bay Packers Draft a Beast For Their Hot Water Needs

Green Bay Packers Draft a Beast For Their Hot Water Needs

“This water heater is a beast and handles all the domestic hot water needs…with absolutely no issues.”

Photo Courtesy: Brian Goglia (LinkedIn)

The rumor mill is true: the Green Bay Packers have drafted an exciting addition to their roster. Intellihot’s iQ2001 serves as the crucial hot water provider in the Packers lineup. 

Application Details:

The iQ2001 provides all the hot water needed by Lambeau Field. This includes: 

  • Hot water for the Packers players’ locker rooms and showers 
  • Hot water for the staff areas 

Halftime review:

The iQ2001 has been diligently running laps for the Green Bay Packers. Its performance has impressed the Green Bay Packers’ staff plumbers immensely.

Here’s what they said: “This water heater is a beast and handles all of our hot water needs with absolutely no issues. Never a worry!”

Photo Courtesy: Brian Goglia (LinkedIn)

About the iQ2001:

With an enormous output of over 2 million BTUs/hr., the iQ2001 is a heavy-duty henchman for large commercial applications. Housing multiple self-operating heat exchangers in a compact build, the tankless water heater offers revolutionary redundancy. An industry-leading turndown ratio (66:1) reduces gas bills by up to 40% for zero compromise between space, efficiency, and performance.

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"We are very happy with our Intellihot hot water system. Over the past six months, the hotel has had 65% gas savings plus uninterrupted hot water."