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Intellihot Wins Global Excellence Award Two Years in a Row!

Intellihot Award

Chicago, IL., March 13, 2023:  Intellihot Inc. is proud to announce that it has been awarded the Global Excellence Award 2022 recently. Having won the Global Excellence Award for Most Innovative Water Heaters Manufacturer in 2021, Intellihot has managed to bag the prestigious accolade twice in two years.

Founded in 2009, Intellihot has become a consistently disruptive commercial water heater manufacturer that manages to challenge the industry’s status quo regularly with its award-winning products and services. Conceptualized with the aim of reducing the negative impact of water heating on the environment, the Chicago-based manufacturer has been heavily involved in researching, developing, manufacturing, and selling tankless solutions that can replace and outperform traditional tank-styled water heaters with ease. Tankless water heaters are not only an environmentally sustainable choice, but are also more efficient and can mitigate issues like Legionella and hard water scaling.

Recently, Intellihot Inc. launched the world’s first tankless heat pump water heater (The Electron Series) which was named one of AHR Expo’s most innovative products. Having received an overwhelming response upon its successful launch, the Electron Series is poised to assist Intellihot in taking center stage when it comes to the complete electrification of the water heating market. Apart from its robust performance, the Electron Series is future-proof with a slew of modern features like wireless cascading, 24×7 factory monitoring, and optional solar power capabilities.

Yet, the Electron Series is far from the first major innovation that Intellihot has been responsible for. The American manufacturer also designed the world’s first, second, and third largest tankless water heaters (iQ3001, iQ2001, and iQ1501). Moreover, its telliBot_AI received the Edison Award in 2022 for its use of artificial intelligence to accurately predict the remaining life of a water heater. Having over 60 awarded and pending patents, Intellihot looks forward to advancing the HVAC industry and is grateful for being recognized for its efforts.


About Intellihot


Intellihot is an innovative designer/manufacturer of built-environment systems that challenge legacy approaches for sustainability. Under the leadership of founder and CEO Sridhar (Sri) Deivasigamani, today Intellihot offers a range of tankless water heaters designed and built for commercial applications with a focus on sustainability, cost savings, and water quality safety. Winner of an Edison Award for Best New Product in 2022, Intellihot serves the hospitality, restaurant, multi-family housing, senior living, commercial facility and plumbing industries. Intellihot has operations in suburban Chicago, Galesburg, Ill. and distributors across North America. Learn more at or by following the company on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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