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Intellihot Commercial tankless water heaters perform to nearly impossible standards. As robust as diesel engines, Intellihot systems are built for cutting-edge operations. Reliability is designed into every inch, from maintenance-free heat exchangers to systems that deliver industrial water capacities without risk of single-point failure.

Commercial Tankless Gas Water Heaters

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The Perfect Drop-In Solution
THE PERFECT DROP-IN SOLUTION When space and cost are important deciding factors, you can count on our Neuron Series water heater units for superior performance and reliability. Ideal for commercial applications, our tankless water heaters provide 96% thermal efficiency and are constructed for maximum durability – even in the most demanding commercial applications.

iQ Series

Masterless Cascading Ensures Zero Downtime
All of our commercial hybrid water heaters can be cascaded for increased capacity. And yet, each one operates autonomously. This means cascaded units do not require a master controller (the kind that causes a single-point failure).

i Series

Designed to be your Commercial “Workhorse”

Count on superior performance and reliability from our i Series line, with the i200 and i250 tankless water heaters. Designed to be our commercial “workhorses,” the i Series units are ideal for highly variable applications using potable hot water. Each is engineered with minimal components to maximize durability—even in the most demanding commercial applications.


Built for Tight Spaces and Tough Conditions

Smarter, versatile, deionized water heating for labs, factories and plants. Industrial environments demand rugged, deionized-water heaters—and this model meets the challenge. Built for tight spaces and tough conditions, the iQ251D is the most compact and only gas-fired deionized tankless water heater on the market

iQ Series

Floor Standing

Neuron Series




Wall hung Unit


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Commercial Tankless Gas Water Heaters`

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telliCare is a Wi-Fi enabled, prognostics and predictive maintenance service for Intellihot’s Gen II iQ tankless water heaters. This pre-installed service is included for two years for free! telliCare allows your Intellihot water heaters to be monitored and controlled remotely or onsite through an app on your mobile device.
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