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Fairfield Inn & Suites, San Jose, CA

Intellihot Upgrades the Water Heaters In This Hotel With Zero Interuption of Service.

The management needed to replace the old water heating equipment at this busy hotel, but wanted to avoid a costly shutdown during the change out. Intellihot provided an efficient option that required zero interruption of service.



Hospitality / Retrofit

Installed Capacity

1,000,000 BTU/hr

Property Details

96 rooms 2 floors


California Hydronics

Product Installed


The hotel’s old water heating equipment was comprised of two 400,000 BTUH heaters and 120 gallons storage tank. In addition to frequent maintenance issues, they also had to use mixing valves to deliver the hot water to their guests at the right temperature.

The Challenge

The hotel’s management was ready to replace their current, outdated water heaters with robust equipment that would eliminate the need for expensive and unreliable mixing valves. They were not, however, prepared to shut down operations for the change out. Downtime would mean service interruption and loss of income.

The Intellihot Solution

One iQ1001 was installed and operational in no time, providing a much needed upgrade. With precise temperature controls, Intellihot’s tankless unit also eliminated the hotel’s mixing valve dependency. Most importantly, the change-out involved zero interruption to the hot water in the building.

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