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Engineers Guide

“The Intellihot products are awesome. They are very user-friendly and easy to install. They also have a great support staff. If you ever have any needs, they will take care of you!”

Nick Ovard, Contractor, UMC Inc.

“I like that the Intellihot system is only heating the water we use in contrast to the old method of continually heating stored water. The Intellihot system maintains very tight temperature control and that is something we don’t see in boiler/storage tank systems.”

Steve Morates, Chief Building Engineer

“They have not had a single hiccup with the new unit. They’ve been very impressed. No alerts. No fault alarm. And there’s been no interruption of hot water since the Intellihot unit was installed. I have a picture of Jeff’s efficiency meter showing the unit operating at 99.9 percent.”

Scott Tarzia, Granite State Plumbing & Heating LLC

Intellihot Saves You Time, Money & Space.

Half the Installation Time

Make More $$$

Slim & Lighweight

No Heavy-Duty Moving Equipment


Confident & Guaranteed Operation

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