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Culligan, Indianapolis, IN

Culligan Picks Intellihot’s Deionized Water Heaters

Culligan’s water bottle cleaning plant was looking for very durable, deionized tankless water heaters that could handle its heavy-duty cleaning demands, and had very little room to spare. Intellihot’s iQ251D Deionized wall units were the perfect fit for the job.



New Construction

Installed Capacity

500,000 BTU/hr

Property Details

Water bottle cleaning plant


Hydronic & Steam Equipment

Product Installed

Two iQ251D

“We were looking for an all stainless steel water heater to heat deionized water for our drinking water bottling cleaning process. Hydronic & Steam recommended an Intellihot iQ251D. After reviewing the literature, we learned about on demand water heating technology and the small footprint it provides. The installation was quick and easy.”
– Jack Wintrow, Commercial Sales Manager

The Challenge

Culligan needed indestructible equipment to provide reverse osmosis hot water without the failures that can happen with copper heat exchangers. With little room to spare, they were looking for a small solution with a large output. This was a new 25,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art water treatment facility being built.

The Intellihot Solution

Two iQ251D water heaters were cascaded together to instantaneously heat reverse osmosis water for the cleaning process. The stainless steel heat exchangers easily meet the plant’s daily demand for deionized hot water. The units are installed within a small space in the plant, providing much needed extra square footage.

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