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Could a Tankless Water Heater Improve Your Industrial Enterprise’s Profitability?

Advances in technology have resulted in the creation of efficient, high-performance tankless water heater options that have significant advantages over traditional water heater choices. Whilst the benefits of a tankless water heater in residential settings have been clearly demonstrated, many businesses still rely on a traditional industrial water heater. Here we take a look at the advantages that tankless water heaters in industrial enterprises can bring, providing companies with some good reasons why it’s time to go tankless!

Tankless Heaters Take up Less Space

Space is a key consideration in any industrial setting, mainly because it costs money. Every square foot of space that’s currently used to house a water tank could be re-purposed for a more profitable use if a tankless water heater is installed.

Some enterprises have hundreds of square feet dedicated to storing hot water.  Switching to a tankless option significantly decreases the amount of space needed. This can lead to a saving in commercial rent, as well as the opportunity to pursue additional projects or increase the efficiency of the existing operation.

Enhanced Durability

A modern tankless industrial water heater is made to the very highest standards, using high-grade materials and sophisticated technology. What this means for users is a tough heater that will likely significantly outlast conventional competitors. Unlike a traditional system, where the heater is working 24/7 to keep large quantities of water at a high temperature, a tankless version only works when hot water is required. Intermittent operation puts less strain on the system, reducing wear and tear.

Businesses opting for a contemporary tankless heater usually find that it is less likely to fail than a conventional heater, and will last for longer. The amount of maintenance required is minimal. By opting for a tankless heater, businesses can benefit from reductions in their repair and maintenance budget, as well as expect their tankless unit to last.

Better Efficiency

Efficiency is always important when it comes to water heating for industrial operations. A tankless heater may be up to 40% more efficient than a conventional option. For businesses, this means:

  • A noticeable reduction in energy bills. Not only is the technology used in a

    3 Million BTU/hr

    tankless system designed to ensure that as much energy as possible is converted into heat (so minimal wastage), tankless water heaters do not have to expend energy keeping the water hot.
  • Better green credentials. With environmental considerations at the forefront of corporate objectives, a heating system that uses less energy is always a good investment.
  • Improved performance. A tankless heater provides exactly the right amount of water that’s needed, as and when it’s required. The water is delivered at the correct temperature at all times.

Improved Safety

Large quantities of hot water in storage tanks pose a safety risk that needs to be managed. The tanks need to be regularly inspected for signs of leaks, for example, as well as closely monitored to ensure they don’t become dangerously warm. 

The risks that storage tanks present are virtually eliminated when a tankless system is used. 

Tankless systems are designed to meet the very highest safety specifications. Installing a modern system is an excellent way to manage the risks associated with hot water in an industrial environment. If your business is keen to ensure compliance with regulations, a tankless industrial water heater for commercial use is well worth considering.

Cheaper to Run

The Intellihot tankless water heaters currently on the market contain advanced technology (including NASA technology). They are designed to optimize energy conversion, which means less is needed to achieve the desired results. Because the output is tailored to exactly meet demand, no unnecessary hot water is produced. In addition, no energy is wasted on keeping water hot until it is required.  

The amount of hot water produced has a number of scalable benefits. As your enterprise requires more water (perhaps because production has increased), the tankless water heater can provide the hot water you need. Conversely, if production requirements are reduced, the water heater will simply create less hot water. This tight match between demand and supply (one of the main scalable benefits tankless water heating offers) keeps wastage to an absolute minimum.

The long lifespan of a tankless heater is also a consideration, as the initial purchase cost is offset by the longevity of the installation.

For all these reasons, modern industrial tankless heaters are frequently the most economical option.

A Greener Alternative

As already indicated, it’s vital that companies operate in an energy-efficient, green manner. Not only does energy efficiency save the planet, but it also saves money. Tankless systems are more environmentally responsible in several ways, including:

  • Increased energy efficiency in comparison with traditional water heating methods. This means a tankless option can heat more water using a set amount of water than a boiler that uses a storage tank.
  • Tankless water heating exactly mirrors demand. This keeps the wastage of hot water (and therefore energy) to a minimum. No energy is wasted on keeping water hot until it’s needed, or on heating water that ultimately won’t be used.
  • Tankless systems use technology that keeps emissions to an absolute minimum.
  • Better design and construction enable a modern tankless heater to keep working longer. This reduces the environmental costs associated with scrapping an older heater and installing a new one.


With so many benefits, it’s little wonder that a growing number of industries are switching their old, outdated boiler systems for efficient, tankless options. Modern tankless boilers are created to meet the demands of modern industry, providing an efficient, green, and cost-effective solution to meeting a wide variety of hot water needs.

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