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Contractor Spotlight: Vermont Mechanical

An Emergency Hot Water Adventure in the Hills of Vermont

They say every day is an adventure. In the world of emergency startups, this saying is more than proverbial.

Nestled in Vermont, Hilton’s Killington Mountain Lodge faced the uphill task of having to replace an inefficient 1800-gallon storage tank. And resume hot water operations for guests in more than 100 rooms as quickly as possible.

The heroes of the day? A dedicated Vermont Mechanical Team (Chris Royea, and Tom Pope), reliable professionals from Dan Davis Sales (Jeff Slattery), and F.W. Webb Company (Justin Hawkins), and our very own Regional Sales Manager, Erica Levasseur.

As well as two Intellihot iN501s + 1 Intellihot i200 wall-hung unit.

Installation Details:

With the quest to replace a colossal 1800-gallon tank in limited time, the team rallied together. Intellihot’s Neuron iN501 drop-in tankless units were chosen for their lightning-fast lead times, easy installation, and energy efficiency. An Intellihot i200 wall-hung unit was selected to serve as a booster for the laundry. 

The team was able to quickly replace the storage tank with the iN501 units, thanks to the Neuron series featuring connections in the same locations as a traditional boiler. With multiple heat exchangers in a single unit, the iN501s provide in-unit redundancy with no risk of downtime due to single point failures. Zero standby losses mean expected gas savings of up to 30%.

Moreover, the compact form factor of the i200 booster unit ensures significant space savings, with reliable hot water delivery for Killington Mountain Lodge’s laundry. 

About Vermont Mechanical:

Vermont Mechanical’s mission is to design, install, and retrofit mechanical systems to meet the needs of customers today, and decades down the road.

Their commitment to customers drives them to be aggressively innovative in the solutions they present, and the skilled professionals they hire, who get the job done with integrity and intelligence. 

About the Neuron Series:

Intellihot’s Neuron Series of drop-in tankless water heaters feature the same connections as traditional boilers. This allows commercial properties and contractors to make the switch to Intellihot’s tankless efficiency smoothly. Moreover, they are guaranteed to replace comparable boilers. 

About the iSeries:

Intellihot’s iSeries wall-hung units are ideal for applications that require reliable on-demand performance with limited space. Their commercial-grade 316-L stainless steel heat exchanger ensures freedom from scale formation with proven durability.