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Contractor Spotlight: Streamkey Inc.

A retirement facility called Streamkey Inc. needing a solution to their aging domestic hot water system.

With Intellihot Inc. 1 million BTU IQ1001Streamkey, an Intellihot Representative, was able to replace a 1M+ boiler system with 500 gallon storage tank. 

Thanks to our technology, they are able to meet demand with less BTUs, be instantaneous, and save the owner from constantly dumping money out the exhaust with unnecessary firing/heating. Our iQ1001’s industry leading 33:1 turndown has unparalleled gas savings, not to mention a space saving water heater.

Looking to make the switch? Our boiler tank to tankless calculator will assist you in calculating the savings of converting a boiler tank to tankless water heater for your commercial facility.

Learn more about Intellihot’s featured product, the IQ Series and other Intellihot products by visiting our Product page.

Image Provided by Streamkey LinkedIn.
About Streamkey Inc.

Streamkey provides custom engineered water and wastewater systems for commercial and residential applications utilizing the highest quality manufacturers. They strongly believe in the guiding principle of treating others as they wish to be treated. They will not sacrifice the long-term trust of their manufacturers and customers for short-term gain. They respect and professionally regard all parties with whom they interact.

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