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Rangeley Inn & Tavern Gets Ready For Many More Holiday Seasons With Intellihot.

Contractor Spotlight: Stanley Heating

At the picturesque Rangeley Inn & Tavern in Maine, every day feels like a holiday. When Rod and Rusty from Stanley Heating proudly installed their first-ever Intellihot system – two Neuron iN501’s – the units’ ease of installation couldn’t have been more soothing. 

Photo Courtesy: Jeff Slattery

A Gift For Everyone, For Many More Holiday Seasons to Come:

When the existing tank-style water heater finally decided to check out, the inn knew it was time for a future-proof upgrade. Intellihot’s Neuron Series was selected for its sustainable efficiency, ease of installation, and slim profile.

With a durable build and industry-leading performance, the Neuron series is the ideal gift for the inn’s guests, owners/managers, and the planet. For many more holiday seasons and new years to come. 

Installation Details:

Two Intellihot Neuron iN501 drop-in tankless units were chosen for their impressive performance, in-unit redundancy, and a compact form factor. 

Rod and Rusty from Stanley Heating, collaborated with Dan Davis Sales, and F.W. Webb Co. to ensure a seamless installation. Despite being Rod and Rusty’s first Intellihot installation, the Neuron Series’ drop-in design turned out to be their perfect partner. 

Photo Courtesy: Jeff Slattery

About Stanley Heating:

Stanley Heating provides dedicated plumbing services for a variety of customers. Their hardworking team is renowned for providing quality service to their customers.

About the Neuron Series:

Intellihot’s Neuron Series of drop-in tankless water heaters feature the same connections as traditional boilers. This allows commercial properties and contractors to make the switch to Intellihot’s tankless efficiency smoothly. Moreover, they are guaranteed to replace comparable boilers. 

With features like serviceable parts’ life tracking, scale-proof heat exchangers, and masterless cascading, the Neuron Series is the most reliable answer to future-proof your property’s hot water needs. For many more holiday seasons to come.