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Vintage Service-Themed Restaurant Chooses Intellihot's Next-Gen Water Heating Tech

Contractor Spotlight: Robert Jones Plumbing

Ford’s Garage chose to pair its vintage vibes with next-gen technology by Intellihot for worry-free water heating, ensured by impeccable service.

Application Details:

Ford’s Garage is a 1920’s service station-inspired restaurant featuring Ford’s memorabilia and vintage vibes. Despite its antique ambience, a new outlet for the restaurant chain desired a next-gen water heating system that could provide hot water reliably for efficient and worry-free operation for long hours of service. 

Installation Details:

Four Intellihot iQ251 wall-hung units were chosen for the restaurant. The ASME-certified products reduce operational expenses by 30% and cascade in a masterless fashion for higher output. 

Robert Jones Plumbing provided exceptional installation services for Ford’s Garage. Despite working with Intellihot water heaters for the first time, their startup experience was smooth. 

About Robert Jones Plumbing

Robert Jones Plumbing has been serving the entire Tri-state area for over 30 years. Their exceptional customer service has allowed the firm to build a business on impeccable word-of-mouth.